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We are seeking book reviews of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. These reviews shouldn’t simply be about good writing; they should be good writing. We aim to introduce our readers to the talents of reviewers as well as offer a space for important discussions about craft. Guidelines for reviews are as follows:

  • We prefer reviews of recently published books (2021-2023) by a diversity of authors.
  • Please use a standard font and size (e.g.,12 point Times New Roman), double spaced.
  • The sweet spot for length is between 500 and 1000 words. 
  • We prefer Word doc or docx file types, but PDF is OK if you must.
  • We do not consider reviews of self-published books.
  • Book reviews accepted will be featured on The Good Life Review’s rolling content page online which is free for all visitors of our site. They will not appear in our quarterly issue.
  • Reviews accepted for publication may still require editing or revision, in which case reviewers will work with an editor from our team to prepare the text for publication.
  • Send only one review at a time, and wait until you receive a response on a submission before sending more work.
  • We currently pay $25 for reviews published on our site. 

A few notes on reviews of poetry:

Avoid passive voice. (Don’t tell us what the poems are, but rather consider how they work). Consider how the collection relates to other collections stylistically and thematically. Consider how the arrangement and aesthetic operate in the unified body of work as well as in individual poems.

A few notes on reviews of prose:

The review should be a synthesis of summary, analysis, and critique. Consider evaluations of craft employed within the body of work. Consider the structure and organization of the story or stories. If the prose is a collection of short stories or essays, consider how each relates to the others and contributes to the whole of the book.

Please note that this is a call for book reviews and not a request to send manuscripts. Our editorial team will also be reviewing books on a limited basis in 2023. You may pitch book review requests/ideas by emailing us at editors@thegoodlifereview.com. Please include a letter that introduces yourself and explains the details of what you are pitching.
Thank you!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.